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Professionally provide intelligent, data-based, and automated solutions for apparel companies

Technology development, product design, manufacturing, engineering installation, maintenance, sales integration

Only do cable beyond national standard quality

Excellent performance

Easy to install and operate

Effectively increase production efficiency and reduce costs

After-sales service such as maintenance and technical guidance

Higher product cost performance

Why choose us?
Four advantages

More practical and stable... installation Effectively improve... Intimate after-sales...

Years of industry experience accumulate machines more practical and stable
Stable machine performance and longer service life
New industrial design,More beautiful and practical
Material adoptionNational standard high quality aluminum, quality exceeds similar products;
Electric drive,Low noise and low energy consumption;
Humanized design,Belt area baffle distance can be customizedGenerally, 60cm is suitable;
Equipped with LED display and wireless remote control.Realize visual management and integrated management
Easy to use, quick to install
Easy to use, quick and easy to install
Installation does not require too many tools, byInstallation workers quickly install
Simple, safe and user-friendlyWorkers can get started without too much training, and machine input can quickly generate productivity
Easy maintenance and easy maintenance;
Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and facilitate management
Effectively improve production efficiency and reduce costs
Control the beat time,Workers have a clearer division of labor and improved efficiency
The machine comes with supporting software, with display and wireless remote control, easy to implementData management and visual management synchronization
Eliminate transshipment, waiting time and reduce rework during processingDirect to finished productReduce inventory waste
Standardize factory site management, clean and neat production site
Intimate after sale
After-sales support such as installation and maintenance, technical support
QQ, Alibaba, WeChat customer service online at the same time, to achieve high efficiency, multi-platform customer service team for customers Problem quickly proposes a solution,
The mechanical part is free of charge within 18 months, and the consumable parts respond immediately after receiving the customer's fault feedback information. Arrived within 24 hours to solve and troubleshoot
After-sales installation and commissioning, on-site technical guidance, no worries. "To fully meet customer needs"For the service concept, we provide consulting services for the improvement of garment factories in a pragmatic and consultative style.
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About shengwei

Dongguan Shengwei Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Caotang street, Yangwu, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City. Since its establishment in 2019, the company has formed an environmental protection and energy-saving technology company integrating technical research and development, product design, manufacturing, engineering installation, maintenance and sales.

The company specializes in production and sales: electric welding machine, blank holder and clothing automatic assembly line, energy-saving and environmental protection air conditioning, water curtain ventilation and cooling equipment, energy-saving and power-saving products, painting production line, dust-free purification workshop and industrial dust removal equipment...

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What should I pay attention to in the daily maintenance of the automatic assembly line?

The electromechanical repair shop is an important department of automatic assembly line management. It is necessary to inspect, maintain and repair the equipment of all production lines.
   The personnel in the corresponding positions in the production workshop must monitor the equipment used and check whether the equipment is operating normally. If there is any problem, it needs to be reported immediately.

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AOf course, it is an important part of the design of the conveying line that the size of the producti...

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